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We believe in a more equitable world. That’s why we give ⅓ of profits for grassroots good.

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How we define grassroots good

Grassroots good is the result of a community mobilizing to address an issue they’re all impacted by. These efforts are highly effective because they’re led by community leaders with passion, creativity, and insights that are rooted in a shared experience. What they too often lack is access to the financial resources that can help make their solutions scalable and sustainable.

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Why we're all about it

We believe that true progress begins at the ground level, through efforts led by those closest to a community’s obstacles and opportunities. We’ve also seen how wonderfully different every community is, which means there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. By investing in grassroots organizations, we can lend our support to solutions that were designed to meet a community’s unique needs.

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How the giving gets done

We work in deep partnership with our grantees, operating from a place of trust. Since our partners know best the obstacles and opportunities that exist within their communities, we put the power in their hands. But we don’t stop at cutting checks. We focus on building meaningful two-way relationships that provide ongoing support, whether that’s through volunteering, celebrating big wins, or helping to create connections.

Our areas of focus

We invest in three key areas because we believe that together, they help lay the groundwork for equity in the communities that we support, including Black, Indigenous and People of Color, LGBTQ+, and Women & Girls.

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Boosting mental health

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Increasing access to opportunity

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Ending gun violence

Amy Smith. Becky Kent. Kathleen Bevens. Lauren Gaudet. Molly Gruzen. Rebecca Simon. Samii Hartman.

Our incredible team

We’ve built a team of non-profit management, public health and international development professionals, known—appropriately, we think—as the Impact Team. This team manages the TOMS Impact Fund, which grows larger with each and every purchase. Having a dedicated team allows us to dig deep into the needs of our partners, working hand-in-hand with leaders from the communities we support to achieve real and relevant results.

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